Our Main Services

Family Practice

We believe in treating the problem not just the symptom! This is where Traditional & Integrative Medicine Unite.


Do you feel like age is catching up with you? Have you noticed wrinkles, hair loss, reduced energy, or diminished sex drive?

IV Therapy

IV nutritional therapy provides enormous health benefits leading to increased energy providing better overall health.

Allergy Testing

Do you suffer from Food Allergies? Did you know what 50 Million Americans Annually Suffer Delayed Food Allergies!

PEMF Therapy

PEMF re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electrical changes within the cell that restore it to a healthy state.


Prolozone is a non-surgical injection based treatment that can permanently resolve chronic pain and can regenerate damaged tissues.

Weight Loss
The most important therapy for permanent weight loss is, of course, therapeutic lifestyle changes. Ask about AERTPM.

Additional Services 

Dr. Stephen Dalton provides a comprehensive list of additional services in the field of Integrative / Alternative Medicine. Didn't find it in our main services listed above you will more than likely find it detailed in the information below! The following links will take you to pages within our website detailing some of the additional services we offer and see patients regularly for. We look forward to the many ways we can help and meet your Integrative Medical needs.

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