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Dr. Dalton has been serving patients for over two decades and is the leader in Integrative Medicine in Lubbock, Texas 


I had stem cell therapy and now I can walk to the grocery store and put my grocery up without using my O2. I strongly recommend anyone who is considering trying stem cell therapy to go ahead to just do it....... Read More

A. Smith - Lubbock, TX
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During 2007, I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which caused many neuro-endocrine problems, as a result I couldn't work anymore. I began seeing Dr. Dalton and he decided to conduct a DNA analysis ........... Read More

D. Malone - Lubbock, TX
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I have been in pain from a torn rotator cuff for over 2 years. I have tried pain pills, physical therapy and just plain living with it. I had heard about a treatment from Dr. Dalton involving shots directly into the joint. .......... Read More

J. Ford - Lubbock, TX
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Dealing with Glaucoma since 2010 seemed to be part of life. After coming to Lubbock Integrative Medical Associates, Dr. Dalton suggested that I give ASEA a try........ Read More
J. Spraberry
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I was having problems opening my mouth and having some issues with my ears, I thought it was all was due to an ear infection. I just wanted to open my mouth without pain and the hurting in my ears to go away. ........ Read More

J.Baranosky-Ford. - Lubbock, TX
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I like that he listens to you and the staff gets you in pretty quick, they are nice and have a sense of humor.... Read More

M. Mayes - Tahoka, TX
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Dr. Dalton has seen me for many for wellness. Recently he referred me..... Read More

S - Proper - Lubbock, TX
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Dr. Dalton is a physician that really cares and goes above and beyond to treat you as a person not just the disease........ Read More

S. Merrill - Lubbock, TX
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We moved to Lubbock a little over a year and was very concerned about finding a doctor who was "outside the box." Well, we are very excited we found our doctor! We both have had our share ........ Read More

Wayne & Nancy - Lubbock, TX
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Natural Supplements

Let Dr. Stephen Dalton support & maintain your health. Supplements can help a wide range of short & long-term conditions or illnesses, such as allergies, libido, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

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IV Supplements

Let Dr. Stephen Dalton rejuvenate your body with Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy. IV Therapy can provide enormous health benefits and is a preventive aging measure.

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