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Integrative Testing & Evaluation

Do you know somethings wrong, but your Doctor can't seem to figure it out?

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Have you noticed wrinkles, hair loss, reduced physical energy, or diminished sex drive?

Learn about Integrative Medical Testing!

Mutations that are harmful may increase a person's chance, or risk, of developing a disease such as cancer. Overall, inherited mutations are thought to play a role in about 5 to 10 percent of all cancers.

Although 20-30 percent of the world's population has been found to carry the HLA-DQ gene associated with a genetic susceptibility to celiac disease, 95 % of celiacs still go undiagnosed.

Each year, millions of Americans have allergic reactions to their food resulting in 30K ER
visits, 2K hospitalized, and 150 deaths. Food allergies affect up to 15 million people in the United States.

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body's immune system malfunctions. The (NIH) estimates that approx 23.5* million Americans live with an autoimmune disease and that its prevalence is on the rise.

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Integrative Testing & Evaluation


Food intolerance is much more common than food allergies and is characterized by digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, aching joints, skin disorders and behavioral issues. It has been stated that upwards of 70-80% of the US population has food intolerance. Unfortunately for many, those food intolerance symptoms are often identified as individual problems and treated as such, thus treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Food Intolerances

Check out our Delayed Food & Allergy testing page for more information about how food can have a huge effect on your bodies health. Current and Future!


Hormonal imbalances have been linked to a broad spectrum of health conditions and clinical symptoms in both men and women. Hormones change as we age. Identifying and managing such changes is critical in the prevention of many chronic diseases. Measuring critical hormone levels and interpreting the results can help explain symptoms and accurately recommend proper treatment. This makes hormone testing, replacement and detoxification an essential component to every annual check-up and disease-prevention program.

Gastrointestinal Health

With 70-80% of the immune system located in the gut, we see functional gastrointestinal disorders affecting almost 2 in 5 Americans. As IBS affects up to 20% of the US population, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis another 5-7%, celiac disease between 1-3% and functional dyspepsia and constipation up to another 15%, there is overlap between these disorders. A gut health profile evaluates the GI tract on a genetic, antibody and cellular level.

Leaky Gut

An intestinal permeability test (also called increased intestinal permeability) will confirm and determine the severity of your leaky gut. We can offer stool testing through one of the labs we partner with. We only partner with the best labs for your testing and knows how to interpret the results.

Celiac Disease

GI (Gastroenterologists) will diagnose this only after a small bowl biopsy that shows damage to your villi. You may have silent celiac disease for numerous years (and decades) before this test comes out positive so this test is not 100% accurate at all times. Instead, have your doctor test for anti-gladin antibodies (AGA) and anti-deamidated gliadin antibodies (ADGA). If either are positive, it’s a sign that an autoimmune attack is taking place in your body. If these tests are negative you may still be gluten-sensitive because these tests were designed to pick up only celiac disease and gluten can cause other autoimmune diseases, as well. Therefore, if these tests are negative, it’s a good idea to remove gluten from our lifestyle. You can have a genetic test done to see if you have an increased risk of developing celiac disease called HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8. The reports will explain your risk for developing celiac disease.


Optimal Health represents the highest achievement of an individual’s health potential. It should not be mistaken simply as freedom from disease. It refers to the physical, emotional, spiritual and social harmony that comes from a balanced life. To achieve optimal health one must consider nutrition, stress, hormonal balance, environmental factors, family history and lifestyle. For optimal health and prevention of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and Alzheimer’s, evaluating environmental effects on health is critical. The following studies look at these factors including toxic elements, malabsorption and nutrient status to create an individualized diet and treatment plan.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease (or cardiovascular disease) refers to various disorders affecting blood vessels that feed the heart, most often atherosclerosis. Contributing factors are diverse and interactive, including genetics, diet and lifestyle, age, emotions, and hormonal and biochemical balance in the body. Early identification of underlying imbalances and early indicators can significantly impact the disease, thereby halting its progression. Together, these markers provide a thorough assessment of cardiovascular health status.


The term inflammation refers to the complex response of bodily tissues to harmful stimuli such as toxins, irritants, or pathogens. Although inflammation is the immune system’s attempt to remove the harmful stimuli and initiate the healing process, it can also promote uncomfortable side effects such as pain, swelling, and redness. In chronic inflammation, tissue may be simultaneously healed and compromised. Evidence points to inflammation as the driving force in many chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions, and allergies.

Brain Boost

Anti-Aging refers to the science of slowing, arresting, and often times reversing the effects of human aging. In so doing, medicine offers patients the opportunity to live longer while enjoying the benefits of optimal health. Brain Boost testing aids in the treatment and prevention of ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and Anti Aging.

Autoimmune Disease

There is a profile test that allows you to see if you have handicaps in your immune system that are making it hard for you to clear chronic infections from your body.


We will test you for TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Anti-thyroglobulin, TSH receptor antibody and anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies. It’s important to get the full thyroid panel tested because Western medicine does not run all of these tests, and they are so important to understand what is going on with your thyroid and how it is functioning. We can also determine if you have Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease where immune cells invade the thyroid.


We now offer Gene testing. This is a kit where we test your saliva to receive a full reading of your genes. This is a kit we can offer and you don't have to have a referral for this testing. You will get your results within 1 month. This test Reports on 240+ health conditions and traits, shows your lineage, relatives and more. It also gives you updates on your DNA as science advances.

Heavy Metals

We test the tissues in the body and the heavy metals inside your tissues. We will perform a 24-hour urine test on a random day from you and then do the same urine test provoked with chelating agents. We can also perform more intensive alternative testing on your blood and look for specific metals based on your symptoms, unlike conventional medicine.

8 Important Health Screens Commonly Overlooked

The following are the most common overlooked Integrative Medical Test based on current research and statistics:

No. 1 — Vitamin D
No. 2 — Omega-3 Index
No. 3 — Fasting Insulin
No. 4 — Serum Ferritin
No. 5 — High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP)
No. 6 — RBC Magnesium
No. 7 — Homocysteine
No. 8 — NMR Lipoprofile

Different Types of Inflammation

Although inflammation is the immune system’s attempt to remove the harmful stimuli and initiate the healing process, it can also promote uncomfortable side effects such as pain, swelling, and redness. Different Types are:

  • TNF alpha (tumor necrosis factor)
  • CRP (C-reactive protein)
  • High-sensitivity homocysteine
  • IFG-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1)

When doctors find elevated CRP levels, they often do additional tests to determine what's triggering the inflammation and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Please give us an opportunity to help with all of your inflamation issues help evaluate the source not just the symptom.

Get The Facts About Heavy Metals

Here are FAQ's About Heavy Metal Testing

You know your body better than anyone. Do yourself and your health a favor and contact LIMA - Lubbock Integrative Medical Associates to schedule a Integrative Test to improve your over all health and well being!

What Are The Types of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing plays a vital role in determining the risk of developing certain diseases as well as screening and sometimes medical treatment.

Genetic testing can provide information about a person's genes and chromosomes. Available types of testing include:

Dr. Dalton treats the source not just the symptom. Let us Go Byyond Average Care and provide Genetic Testing to be proactive and eliminate risk!

"Dr. Stephen Dalton, DO."

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At LIMA Lubbock we use a series of questions and testing along with state of the art technology to identify Genetics and Risk. Many times we don't even realize that we are contributing to our health problems. A customized plan is compiled directly from your test results and your health and family history questionnaire. Elimination by test and knowing your genes can improve many health problems and lead to a better quality of life!

Commonly Reported Symptoms in Patients with Delayed Food Allergies & Sensitivities Are:

Do You Suffer From Any of These Symptoms? If so you should have a LIMA Allergy Test!

Migraine Headaches
Itchy Eyes
Ringing In Ears
Ear Fullness
Cervical Headache
Watery Eyes
Itchy Skin
Ear Popping
Nasal Congestion
Nasal Drainage
Sinus Headaches
Fatigue After Meals
Throat Clearing
Chronic Fatigue
Dry Cough

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